Monday, February 2, 2015

New Regulations for Homeowners in 2015

New Regulations for Homeowners in 2015

Attention!  It's all about energy efficiency.  The Department of Energy has 2 new regulations that involve air conditioning and water heaters.  So, if you are going to be replacing either of these items from this point forward, be aware of the new guidelines.

Air Conditioning:

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) standard is being increased from 13 to 14.  This is calculated by dividing how much a unit cools by how much energy it uses during a typical cooling season.  The higher the SEER, the more efficient.

This changes means that in almost all cases, a full system replacement will be necessary to make everything compatible.  The new indoor coil might not fit the existing space and structural modifications will be needed to accommodate the larger unit.

They are estimating the price increase will range from 55-65%.  The energy savings will vary based on geography, how often it runs and what SEER rating the previous condenser had.

There is a 16 month grace period (through July of 2016) to be able to continue to install SEER 13 for the south and southwest regions (which is NOT Indiana).

Water Heaters:

This one will not go into effect until April 16, 2015 (right after you file your taxes!).  Higher energy factor ratings on virtually all residential gas, electric and tankless water heaters. It will impace how water heaters are designed, manufactured, tested and installed.

There might not be the pace for a taller, wider or heavier water heater. It might trigger higher costs for structural modifications and well as the higher equipment cost.

The Department of Energy says these new regulations will help the country become more energy efficient and decrease the impact on the environment.

As Realtors, we need to be aware of these issues if we are listing a home with units at the end of their life expectancy, or representing buyers buying such a home.  Inspections are key and also need to be sure any home warranty will cover the required upgrades.

New Regulations for Homeowners in 2015
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