Monday, January 26, 2015

Top 10 Metro Indy Announcements in 2014

Top 10 Metro Indy Announcements in 2014

1 - IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools) Reform Candidates win big.  3 reform minded candidates were elected to the 7 member board.  The Mind Trust, a local education reform group stated early in the year that it was time for IPS to reinvent itself and laid out some sweeping reform ideas. This election result could bring some actual change to the table.

2 - HJR (House join resolution)-3 is defeated.   This proposed amendment would have altered the current Indiana Constitution defining marriage.  It will NOT be on the ballot this year.

3 - Indy Chamber Microloan program booms - small business loans through this program saw a lot of useage this year helping to launch and/or improve local businesses.

4 - Angie's List announces expansion.  Angie's List, a nationwide "consumer recommendation" company will be expanding its headquarters here in Indianapolis.

5 - MSA (remember Market Square Arena?) Development takes center stage.  A developer with a solid plan is finally awarded to move forward.  The plan includes parking, apartments and retail.

6 - IndyGo Downtown Transit Center breaks ground - a beautiful HUB for public transportation. Large indoor waiting area, canopy covered bus stops, central location.

7 - Cummins releases plans to transform Market East District - plans were released for their proposed distribution headquarters in a vacant downtown area.

8 - Fishers elects its first Mayor.  Fishers, a NE suburb of Indianapolis is all grown up (and out) and has taken the first step toward new governing infrastructure.

9 - Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center Opens - The Indianapolis Zoo now has Orangutans that do a tightrope walk.  Along with interactive center, it's the latest expansion of the Zoo.

10 - Westfield Grand Park Sports Complex - a Northern suburb of Indianapolis opened and is home to every sport imaginable. Where are families with young children in Westfield on Saturday morning - first place to look would be here!

Top 10 Metro Indy Announcements in 2014

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