Thursday, February 12, 2015

Home Staging on a Budget

Home Staging on a Budget

"Staging" is the not so new buzz word in the world of marketing and selling your home.
How you present your house to potential buyers could make a difference in their offer amount. Studies are showing that sellers are receiving $2 for ever $1 they spend on staging.  That sounds like a worthwhile investment.  So...... where are some economical places to spend on staging?

1.  Closets - clear out and organize your closets so they look like there is plenty of room. Getting matching hangers can create a modern and visual impact.

2. Bedrooms - use gender neutral colors when painting.  You never know whether the next buyer is a male or female, or if they have a son or daughter.  This way they can picture themselves in the home. You can add pops of color through window treatments, pillows and other accessories.  Bedrooms should have a relaxed feel to them, so consider moving tv's, work desks, power cords, etc.

3. Bathrooms - sparkling clean is essential.  Toilet seats down. Clean walls with bleach/water mixture and fresh paint will be fresh and appealing. Clear countertops of clutter. White towels give a more open, spa like feel. Shower doors can be cleaned with muriatic acid.   You can get a 66% return on investment in bathrooms.

4.  Kitchens - sparking clean again.  No dirty dishes, clean the floors, walls, baseboards, windows. Dated cabinets can be updated with new hardware, new stain or paint.  Clean the inside of your refrigerator and all cabinets and drawers.  Buyers will open them all!!!  Be sure they are organized and look roomy.  They say you should remove rugs in the kitchen when staging because it will make the space look larger.  You can update appliances with stainless stick on coverings or appliance paint.

4. Dining rooms - set your table, but don't go crazy using every piece of that china you got for your wedding.  Having a vase with fresh flower.  If it is a table with leaves - make the table small to give the room more space.

5.  Living room - have drapes and shades open for light. Light colored furniture will make a space look larger. If your home is vacant, a large plant strategically placed can be a focal point. Keep walls neutral and add color through pillows, throws, pictures, accessories.

6. De-personalizing  - buyers want to picture themselves in the home, not you and your kids.  This means packing up your family photos (which you are going to do eventually anyway). They can be distracting. You can replace them with a variety of staging art.

7. Cleaning - particularly if you have pets.  Don't forget the baseboards, ceiling fans and windows.  You may not notice it - but buyers will!

8.  Low ceilings or small rooms - you can make them appear larger by hanging curtains all the way up to the ceiling. Neutral colors and thin rods will make the window seem larger and ceilings appear higher.

Home Staging on a Budget

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