Monday, February 23, 2015

Plan 2020 - Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis

Plan 2020 - Bicentennial Plan for Indianapolis

Indianapolis was built on a legacy of visionary planning.  Plan 2020 is the next chapter in that story.  Meshing community vision, values and strategy has created a multi-faceted, long-term vision that has five themes to develop a compelling future for Indy.

1.  Choose Indy - charged with creating the most livable community in the Midwest that will compete regionally for residents.

2.  Connect Indy - charged with creating a community that has access to places and information.

3.  Love Indy - charged with creating a city that welcomes, engages and inspires.

4.  Serve Indy - charged with creating a civically engaged and committed community

5.  Work Indy - charged with creating a community of economic opportunity

Plan 2020 will respond to these themes by identifying how Indy/Marion County can ensure their success.  These plans will be strategic, honest and transparent.  The core city plans include:

1.  Marion County Comprehensive Land Use Plan - policies about use, preservation, development and redevelopment of all land in Marion County.

2.  Marion County Thoroughfare Plan - policies regarding development of multi-modal transportation network for all major streets and corridors in Marion County.

3.  Marion County Parks, Recreation, Open Space Plan -  guides development of community park system.

4.  Indianapolis Regional Center Plan - promotes sustained growth of Indiana's economic engine, the downtown core.

5.  HUD Consolidated Plan - community development strategies that promote prosperous neighborhoods.

6.  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy - positions a competitive Central Indiana in the global economy.

Stay in the know, get updates and give input  HERE or at their website

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