Monday, January 11, 2010

Shoveling sidewalks - not just a convenience - it's the law!

Never too old to learn something new.  By virtue of watching the news, I learned that if you do not shovel the sidewalks in front of your house (not the one from your drive to your front door) - you can be subject to a fine.

The reasoning behind this is that when the sidewalks are clogged with snow, walkers will use the streets - which is dangerous.

The law states that if the snow stops by 7pm you are to have your sidewalks cleared by 9am.  If the snow stops by 9am you are to have your sidewalks cleared by 7pm.

The cities I know of right now include Indianapolis, Carmel and Lafayette.  There are probably more, and I"m sure it's one of those laws that is not enforced unless a complaint is filed.  The fine has been quoted as $50.

There is all kinds of discussion about this because when the city plows it tends to pile up on the sidewalk.  Then there is the issue of those with health issues, etc, where it would be dangerous for them to plow and they are financially able to pay someone to do it.

Just the messenger here!  Consider yourself informed.

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