Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eagle Creek - Park and Reservoir

Eagle Creek Park is the 6th largest municipal park in the US.  It includes 3900 acres of open and wooded terrain and 1300 acres of water.  The park is located on the NW side of Indianapolis with main entrance at 7840 W. 56th St.

The reservoir is non-motorized, so you can enjoy canoeing, windsurfing, sailing and fishing without being run over by speed boats.

The land was originally owned by J.K. Lilly (Eli Lilly) who gave it to Purdue in the late 50's.  The University later sold the land to the city of Indianapolis.  An earthen dam was built to control flooding and the end result is the reservoir that we enjoy today.

In addition to the water activities and hiking trails, there is an Ornithology Center which opened in 2009.  There are Sunday morning bird walks at 9am, rain or shine.  Call 327-BIRD.

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