Friday, November 20, 2009

Recycling in Indy - Go Green!!!

What to do, what to do......batteries, toxic fluids, old computers, coke cans, phone books....
You have options!

Curbside recycling is available through most of your trash pickup providers.  Most will even provide you with a nice rolling container that you can mix all your recyclables.  Most will accept glass, 1 & 2 plastic, paper and aluminum.  There is a small yearly fee for this service.

There are a multitude of drop off dumpsters all over town (see for locations) that will accept glass, 1 & 2 plastic, aluminum, tin, steel cans, newspaper.   Most schools and libraries have paper recycling dumpters in their parking lots as fund raisers.  No cost.

New Phonebooks always come out in October.  There are 6 sites around Indy that will take your old ones (this is especially important for offices that collect stacks of them) along with about 4 schools that will take them as a fund raising project.  Go to to get the exact locations.  No cost.

Ecycle - anything electronic (computers, phones, monitors, etc) can be taken to a variety of sites around indy.
Check for exact locations

Tox Drop - anything you suspect is toxi - like paint, antifreeze, batteries, detergents, etc can be dropped off at a variety of locations around town.  There are also special tox drop days scheduled each year at more convenient locations.  Check for locations and dates.

Plastic bags - you know those 30+ bags you come home with from Walmart and Meijer?  Both mega stores also accept those bags in retun for recycling.  They have boxes or containers near their entrances that you can drop them off when you come in for more!

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