Thursday, November 12, 2009

This time - it's personal!!!!

As realtors, for me in particular since I'm in the relocation department, we need to be cheerleaders for where we live. Play tourist in your own hometown and check out what your city has to offer. Expand your horizons and learn about all those hidden treasures. Keep up on what is going on locally and be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Indianapolis has evolved into an awesome mid size city, and I continue to be amazed even after living here all my life. There are many misconceptions about my hometown, so I LOVE to introduce our city to transferees - they are always pleasantly surprised! Indianapolis has several great websites - and that provide up to date info on the economic climate and all there is to see and do. Perhaps your city has similar resources - be sure to visit those sites regularly.

This same theory is effective when selling homes. Have your home sellers write a personal letter to potential buyers about why they love their home, their neighborhood, their city. Leave it on the dining room table for anyone viewing the home to read. Handwritten letters get the best feedback, but obviously availability and legibility might play a factor. I've seen some with pictures, stories of neighborhood parties, etc that have influenced my view on a particular home.

Our homes and hometowns are where our lives are - MAKE IT PERSONALl!!!

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