Monday, November 16, 2015

IKEA Coming to Indiana

IKEA Coming to Indiana

I know this is old news for anyone around here - since it's been quite the buzz in the area, but I think it is worth sharing a few personal thoughts and additional impact this announcement will have.

My first experience with IKEA was in Europe about 20 years ago.  I remember receiving a map as I walked in.  The size was mind boggling and navigating the store felt a bit like a rat in a maze.

My second experience was two years ago in Cincinnati.  We started by eating in the upstairs cafeteria - it was FANTASTIC!  Wandering through the store was delightful as they had various vignettes showing how to furnish different size living areas.  If you want to find something unique for a gift - this was the place! It was much easier to navigate through the store with clear signage and large arrows painted on the floor.  In the parking lot I had noticed there were license plates from all the surrounding states.  One of the first things I did when I got back was to email IKEA to ask if Indianapolis was on the radar - and if it wasn't , it should be considered.  I received a personal reply thanking me for the suggestion, but it was not in their plan at that time.  After the recent announcement - I like to tell myself that I planted the, you're welcome!

People are already fretting about the traffic.  I don't see that happening, since shoppers are on a very different schedule than rush hour traffic.  Christmas might be interesting - but so is Keystone at the Crossing and Castleton during those times.  Also - Fishers already has plans to add an exit at 106th St and additional lanes and other traffic improvements.

What I see as most impactful is that IKEA will be a magnet for other businesses.  It will become a destination which will spawn hotels and restaurants.  When a business like IKEA says you are a good investment - others will take notice.

All those folks driving to Cincinnati or Chicago (the closest IKEA stores to us) will now come to us. Let's keep the Hospitality in Hoosiers and welcome them!

The store will be located right off I-69 at the 116th St exit in Fishers, a northeast suburb of Indianapolis.

You can be jealous - my office is minutes from this location.....I see long lunches in my future!

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