Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Staging a Home is NOT!

What Staging a Home is NOT!!!

You hear get rid of clutter, personal items and make it neutral.  But staging a home to sell does not mean you remove a homes personality and make it boring and forgettable.  It's about making it have a connection to the widest expanse of potential buyers and sparking an emotional connection.

For example:

Spring, summer and fall - don't forget to stage your outdoor living areas!  Colorful seat cushions, blooming, fragrant flowers. A cozy sitting area , candles, perhaps having one of those small $25 fountains I've seen can add a soothing ambiance. Add some stepping stones? A quirky piece of art work or garden trellis? I was riding my bike recently and an older home with a great covered front porch had hung some beautiful sheer curtains on a couple sides of the porch and gathered them with a colorful bow that matched the house trim. It was so eye catching and inviting!

Inside - If you have a lot of custom trim work - you want to be sure it is highlighted with contrasting paint - don't let it fade into the sterile white walls.  Keeping your walls a warm tone, you can add pops of color with art work, pillows, rugs, towels, lamp shades, vases, etc.

Create a vignette (aka - purpose) for a room.  In a family room set out some board games.  Basement rec room - how about some movie DVD's, pop corn bowl or a WI game......

There are many more possibilities and ideas - pinterest can offer an endless supply of ideas - which can make you dizzy .

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