Friday, July 11, 2014

Blue Indy - Getting around goes green

Blue Indy - Getting around goes green

Have you seen them yet?   They have a "come try us out" site at 14 E. Washington in downtown Indianapolis.  Open every day from 11am - 7pm.  You can try it out for free.

Yes - electric car sharing is coming to Indy!!!  The initial plan is to start with 25 sites and slowly expand to 200 locations with 500 cars throughout the Metro area.

You would have a membership fee and then a per hour charge.  No parking fees, no pollution.  Just plug to plug!  Unplug and go......

I'm excited - thinking about all the times we drive ourselves to the airport and pay to leave our car sitting out in the weather for days or weeks!  One of the first sites will be at the airport in addition to just a couple miles from my house.  I'm already planning to try this out when available - cutting my parking fees dramatically when travelling!

When the Pacer bicycles just won't get you where you need to go, or the weather is inclimental - what a great option.

Check their website HERE for more details (exact pricing still not available) and get signed up for their newsletter so you will know right away.

Here are the first 25 proposed sites:

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