Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day - After the fact

Memorial Day - After the fact

I don't like to make recommendations until I have experienced it personally.

So.....  in the future, I HIGHLY recommend the Memorial Day service at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.  A beautiful setting for a moving ceremony. They have had a Memorial Day service every year since it was established 146 years ago. Highlights included:

Army battalion band playing the medley recognizing each branch of service.
Recognizing Gold Star families - those who have lost a family member in battle.
Choir singing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful.
Governor reading letters written home from service men who later will killed in the line of duty.
Reading of names of those who died in the line of duty during the past year
21 cannon salute

I am not one that cries at movies or gets emotional - but I admit to getting misty eyed many times during this service.

After the service - or anytime, I recommend spending time here and finding out about the history.  They give tours, encourage visitors, bike riders, hikers, student leaf collectors, etc.  Here are some facts:

It is the 3rd largest non-governmental cemetery in the U.S.
It sits on 555 acres
There are 25 miles of paved roads
There are 150 species of trees (for those student projects!)

Who is buried here?  To name a few....
1 President (Harrison)
3 Vice Presidents
11 Governors
14 Senators
14 Mayors
John Dillinger, Eli Lilly, LS Ayres, James Whitcomb Riley
3 Indy 500 winners
15 Civil War Generals

It is a gorgeous place, rich in history that belongs to YOU!

Get more details HERE

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