Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Hoosier Wine Market - yes there is!!!

The Hoosier Wine Market - yes there is!!!

Believe it or not - the Hoosier wine market has been expanding.  More and more wineries have opened operations and there is even a designated Indiana Uplands American Viti-cultural Area (AVA) in Southern Indiana.   I personally drive by a vineyard that has appeared over the last few years on Carroll Rd on the far east side of Marion County.

I've enjoyed a little music while sipping wine outside of Easley Wineries in downtown Indy, heard a lot of great things about Chateau Thomas in Plainfield, and I wouldn't be a card carrying IU grad if I hadn't spent time at Oliver Winery in Bloomington.

I'm not much of a connoisseur myself, but I'm always open to a learning experience.  Monarch Beverage is offering an in-home wine tasting educational program.  The program is called "Tasting Life".  You buy the wine package at one of their distributors and then set up a time and Monarch provides the wine expert for a one hour session.  You learn about the winery, tasting notes, vineyard facts, etc.  The wine expert comes free of charge!

The program covers 4 different wine series : Red Varietal, International Varietal, Domestic Varietal and Indiana series.  Get a group together and dive into a new culture!

Get more details at their website HERE.  Then you can say The Hoosier Wine Market - yes there is!!


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