Monday, May 13, 2013

Sharing Some Painting Secrets

1.  Paint type - latex is your DIY dream because it dries quickly and washes with soap and water. Oil base dries slowly, requires a mineral spirit or turpentine for clean up - but hardens into a strong finish. Oil base tends to be the paint of choice for cabinetry and high moisture areas.

2. Sheen - flat and low luster give a rougher surface that can disguise flaws. Glossier finishes can highlight imperfections but also form a smoother, wear resistant surface that is easier to wipe clean.

3. Color - Paint chip samples will not do a paint color justice. Get a sample pot and apply a couple coats to a 3 foot square foam board.  Move the squares around the room at different times of day in different light.

4.  Quality over price - Cheap paint does not cover as well, may not adhere to some surfaces and don't wear well.  You will ultimately save money by spending more up front.

5. Good tools - Tapered brushes with slim tips. Mix of nylon and polyester bristles will hold and release latex paint well.  Natural bristles for oil-based. Rollers should match the surface you are painting.

6. Prep - clear out the furniture, cover the floors and fixtures, remove outlet covers, fill nail and screw holes, patch holes, wipe down ceilings, walls and trim. It will give you a more finished, professional look in the end and will keep you from ruining your paint with dust, hair, etc.

7.  Cutting in - using a 2.5 ince angles brush works best. Get plenty of paint on the brush.  Team work is best if you can have one person cutting in ahead of the person rolling.

8.  Rolling - get plenty of paint on the roller. After rolling an area make a series of vertical strokes up and down the full length moving one direction. This will distribute the wet paint evenly.

9. Scoring - If you mask off trim with tape  - remove it the same day. Run a putty knife at a 45 degree angle along the edge so you don't pull up the paint. Peel off the tape in a slow steady motion.

10.  Multi-day painting - if you are painting the same color over multiple days or have to stop painting for longer than a half hour you can wrap your roller/brushes in saran wrap and put in refrigerator. That will keep them from drying out.

11.  Touch-ups - pour some paint in mason jar, cover with saran wrap, then screw on the lid. Label by room, paint name, type, number and store and keep for touch ups and possible matching at a later date.  This will last MUCH longer than a couple inches in a the bottom of a can.

This advice was consolidated from This Old House and my own personal experience!!!!

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