Monday, April 8, 2013

The American Dream

They call home ownership "the American Dream"  - so if you are trying to sell your home, be sure to play up to your buyers aspirations.  Here are some interesting thoughts from Realtor Magazine:


Create vignettes:  Set a scene and define how that space is used by perhaps displaying a chess set, a deck of cards or poker game in progress in a basement rec room.  Do you have an exercise room - how about having some water bottles and towels ready?  The kitchen could have an open cookbook and some ingredients sitting ready to go.  An open book with reading glasses on the bed?

Go big:  Use supersized centerpieces on a kitchen counter or dining room table.  If your dining room with sit 12 - set it for twelve to show off it's entertaining potential - always being mindful of scale.  If you have a huge great room or rec room, consider making them multifunctional with various settings.

Add color pops:  The trend is be minimalistic with light, neutral colors and then add color through accessories. Red lamp shades, orange pillows, colorful artwork add drama but allow the buyer a clean slate and move ready home.

Create a scene stealer:  Pick a room to steal the show.  Your master bedroom could become a Four Seasons spa.  Have a small sitting area in the room with a chaise lounge, big pillow with open book. The bath could have upscale soaps, fluffy white towels, fluffy robe, candles by the tub, fresh flowers on the counter.   Your dining room could be set with your best china, charger plates, platters, wine bottles, candles.  Your basement wet bar could be set up with an ice bucket chilling some wine, cut up lemons/limes/olives, bowls of salty snacks.....   and on and on

Create something memorable!

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