Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Multi-generational Housing - Here to stay

College grad is back, Grandma is moving in...............  three generations under one roof.  There was a 10.5% increase in this type situation between 2007 and 2009.  A 2012 survey found that 32% of adult children expect to eventually share their house with a parent.


This type situation is quite common in other cultures, such as Asian and Latino.  The 65+ puplation is expected to double by 2060 and 61% of Americans aged 25-34 already know families who have parents who have moved in with children.
This could be seen as an idyllic world of built-in child care, elder care and 3 square meals.  A way to avoid isolation in older age and pooling finances.
Boomerangs, the young adults moving back in with parents are paying rent and helping with household expenses.
Long term care costs along with the quality of care is a huge factor in bringing elderly parents or grandparents back into the home.
Builders and remodelers are now gearing up to support this trend.  Many are offering 2 master suites, bonus areas, flexible space, etc.  Next Gen housing introduced in Phoenix in 2011 offers 50 different floor plans in 120 communities that is essentially 2 houses in 1.
The challenges can be in regard to family friction, strain on spouses, less opportunity for work and personal time and privacy.
Strategies to make it work:
1. Discuss the expectations and responsibilities prior to the move.  Who pays for what, common spaces and private spaces. Company, laundry, tv, etc.
2. Parental responsibilities with other siblings
3. When renovating make age-friendly and privacy features - wider doorways, low pile carpet
4.  Divvy up chores and have members choose
5.  Peoples personalities and habits usually do not change - be aware!
Taken from AARP publication

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