Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Howl at the Moon - Did you know there is a Wolf Park in Lafayette, IN?

Wolf Park
4004 E. 800 N.
Battle Ground, IN  47920

I have now been educated on wolves.....at a wolf park in Lafayette believe it or not.  I got to see 3 wolves up close and personal.  A couple did some very nice posing for the crowd while the third was chewing away on the leg of some dead animal.
It is an amazing facility with lots of opportunity for involvement, interaction and education.  You can "adopt a wolf", name a puppy, take a guided tour or come and howl with the wolves at night.
This facility was started back in 1972 by Dr. Erich Klinghammer when he brought 2 wolves for ethology research from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.
In 1976 they adopted the name "Wolf Park" for the facility
1977 saw the first litter of pups born at the Park
In 1993 they built the 2nd largest wolf enclosure in the United States
2001 saw the addition of a gift shop and bleachers for the viewing area of the enclosure
May - November they offer guided tours Tues-Sun between 1-5pm and Howl nights on Fri & Sat at 7:30pm
Dec - April they only offer Howl night on Saturday at 7:30pm
It is truly a unique experience and the animals are majestic!  The pups are absolutely adorable!

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