Monday, November 21, 2011

Indiana makes Thanksgiving Top Ten

Well, it may not be a list we want to be on - but I found it amusing!

State Farm Insurance has compiled a list of the top ten states that have the most cooking fires on Thanksgiving. Indiana came in at #9 - so in the interest of keeping everyone safe this Turkey Day, we wanted to draw attention to this fact in hopes that we can get off this list!

Evidently, cooking fire claims more than double on Thanksgiving compared to any other day in November.  The main culprit of course being the deep fryer.

Note to all:  Do not leave your fryers unattended - and make sure your fire extinguisher is close at hand and ready to go!

Here's the top ten list.....  (cue David Letterman)

1. Texas

2. Illinois

3. Ohio

4. New York

5. Pennsylvania

6. Michigan

7. Florida

8.  Minnesota

9.  Indiana

10. Louisiana

Also - be aware that this annual event is going to cost more at the grocery store this year. Indiana Farm Bureau conducted an informal survey of grocery prices on the typical Thanksgiving items:

Turkey (16lb) $23.68 (up from $20.48)

Stuffing (14oz) $2.50 (up from $2.48)

Pumpkin pie filling $3.11 (from $2.72)

Sweet potatoes are actually down! $2.94 (from $2.97)

Rolls are down also! $1.86 (from $2.12)

Milk $3.15 (from $2.83)

Cranberries $2.47 (from $2.32)

All the typical ingredients added together will total $49.38 for 2011 compared to $45.79 for 2010


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