Thursday, November 17, 2011

Staging to Sell

Here are a few more thoughts on where to spend your money or what to do with what you have when it comes to getting ready to sell your home!

1 - Updating fixtures -  You can renew the look of a room just by replacing old or outdated light fixtures, door knobs, light switches, faucets.  Here's a good rule of thumb - if it's older than you - it's overdue for a switch up!


2 - Room/area transformations - The addition of a small armchair, table and lamp in a stairwell or landing can convert it into a cozy reading spot and add more liveable space!


If you have an unfinished basement - you can drape some fabric on the wall, get a carpet remnant and some throw pillows and create a yoga studio.

3 - Empty bedrooms - an inexpensive way to furnish a bedroom is to get a cheap bedframe and use an airmattress and nice linens to give purpose to the area

4 - Dated bathroom tile - did you know that you can now have tile professionally painted?  Much cheaper and less messy than tearing out and replacing! 



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