Monday, July 24, 2017

My House Isn't Selling!!

My House Isn't Selling!

The following list appeared originally in the RIS Media blog entitled Housecall

1.  Did you overvalue your property?  You have to be able to view it as a buyer and a business transaction. You might need to call in an unbiased third party. If someone can build the same house for the same or slightly more, you might lose out.  Do homes that are selling have bigger garages, finished basements, upgraded features?  Look for the differences - are they superior or inferior features?  Add or subtract accordingly.  

2.  How does your listing appear online?  Poor photos, bad grammar, lack of description could be hurting your exposure.  Most buyers begin their search online.  If there is not a plethora of quality, bright pictures, you could be passed over.  Does the verbiage entice the buyer to want to see it in person?  Would drone photos help (if you have acreage)? Make sure you are telling them about updates, upgrades and features that are not easily visible in pictures.

3.  Are you present at showings?  Buyers like to be able to picture themselves in a home.  They want to open closets and use their imagination.  That is difficult if you are present or lurking about.  They won't feel comfortable communicating with their family and/or agent and might cut their visit short.

4.  Emotional attachment.  It's your home.  It's where you raised your family, made memories. If you are 100% committed to selling the home, you need to focus on making new memories at your new home and begin letting go of the apron strings to the old house.  Buyers will want to negotiate and make it their own.  Don't take it personally.

5.  White glove test.  HGTV,  Pinterest and the like have set the bar high on how your home should look when a buyer comes for a viewing.  Considering hiring a professional cleaning service and landscaper for a one time once over.  It will help you get the highest and best offers from a buyer.

6.  Is staging necessary? Some buyers do not have imagination, so if your furniture arrangements and decor do not highlight space, light, usage, storage, etc - you might be discounting  a potential offer.

7.  Don't take it personally.  The next potential buyer might not have kids yet - so the friendly forest on the wall of your kids room doesn't work for them.  The buyer is moving here from Baltimore and they are offended by your finished basement with Colts decor.  Having your rooms as neutral as possible allow a buyer to envision themselves in the home.

8.  Clean but cluttered.  Countertops full of appliances, shelves of collections, wall to wall furniture, closets stuffed with clothes and boxes.  Buyers are easily distracted by "stuff".  Eliminate every possible obstacle.

9.  Too much work.  If paint is scuffed, scratched or carpet is worn and dirty.  Any evidence of deferred maintenance and a buyer starts keeping a running tab in their head.  And the price in their head is always WAY more expensive than what it would cost you to make the improvement.  Get the maximum offers by eliminating potential deductions.

10.  Work with a Real Estate agent that understands these potential issues and has recommended contractors, professional photographers and internet savvy.    Need an agent referral?  Call us!  Our contact info is at the top of the page.

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