Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mass Transit Vision for Central Indiana

Mass Transit Vision for Central Indiana

The transit plan begins with implementation of Indy Connect, a multi-county transit vision for Central Indiana.  Marion County has made a significant investment in the existing bus network and wants to develop 3 rapid transit lines on high ridership routes.

The plan includes:
Shorter wait times between buses
Starting earlier and ending later
More efficient transfers
Advanced payment technology and real time arrival info
All routes to operate 7 days a week
3 rapid lines: Blue, Purple and Phase 2 & 3 Red (go HERE for more info on Red Line)

Legislation has been passed by the State giving some counties a new funding mechanism for transit by calling a referendum. The plan for Marion County assumes passage of a referendum in 2016 at .25% income tax ($.25 for every $100 earned) with new funding available in 2017.

The new downtown Indy, Julia M. Carson Transit Center opened on Sunday, June 26th.

Having an efficient mass transit system is a big step in moving Indy forward toward competing with other cities for businesses and making a positive impact on housing, employment, mobility and millennials.

More details on the entire plan, schedules and passes can be found HERE

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