Monday, February 1, 2016

Indiana General Assembly Big Battles

Indiana General Assembly Big Battles

In the words of John Wooden : "Don't mistake activity for achievement".  There are some important items on the table for debate.  I've included links to the actual details of the bills.  SB stands for Senate Bill.  HB stands for House Bill.
They have been listening to over 100 bills recently, but we are only highlighting a few with the most widespread impact in this post.

Infrastructure funding:
Two competing visions are SB 67 and HB1001 Both have passed their initial hurdles and are closer to a showdown. The Indy chamber prefers HB1001 which is a longer term approach raising state gas tax and indexing it to inflation.  A protracted debate is expected.

Lots of debate, little movement in regards to SB100, SB344 and SB66.  These would expand Indiana's civil rights laws to include LGBT Hoosiers.  A new study released by Visit Indy reinforces the urgency of action in regards to the economic fallout going beyond the hospitality industry.
The website Indiana Competes gives a lot more insight, feedback, testimonials on these bills.

Bills shielding schools A-F accountability grades and teach pay from being affected by last year's scores have already passed.
Other hot topic bills addressing teacher shortage such as HB1002, SB328 and BH1339 talk about scholarships, recruitment, retention.
After-school support is going through second readings on SB 251 and SB301
Early Childhood quality measure being heard through HB1330
Teacher incentives for high need areas such as STEM subjects is contained in SB 93

For a complete list and info on the bills before the 2016 General Assembly this session click HERE and be prepared for your head to spin.

But don't read it on Sunday - because you still can't buy any alcohol that day.

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