Monday, June 15, 2015

Simple Changes - Big Impact

Simple Changes - Big Impact

Here are some simple changes you can make in your home to change it up, update the look or change the feeling of size in a room that you can do yourself with reasonable cost.

1.  If you have hardwoods or tile in your entry or baths - try adding a rug if you don't have one or changing what you do have with a new design or color scheme. Rugs have both function and style!

2.  Are your bedroom hallways dark?  Try adding a glass panel in your door (remember the old fashion transoms?).  This can add natural light into a hallway.  You can either have the glass high enough not to be a privacy issue or use bathroom privacy glass or use clear glass, but add a privacy film yourself.

3.  Kitchen cabinets can be changed with a coat of paint and/or adding/changing cabinet pulls.  Just updating a sink fixture can give your kitchen a new feel.

4.  There are some great strip LED lighting options that can be added up a staircase or under cabinetry to give subtle lighting and highlights.

5.  Have hardwood floors under carpet?  You can try tearing up the carpet, renting a sander and going "au natural" for a new look and feel.

6.  Have a small bathroom? Using either clear glass doors or clear shower curtains can give the illusion of more space.  White accessories and towels can also give a clean fresh feel to a small space.

7.  Changing out window treatments can make a big difference.  Pinterest might be a good source for something different and creative. It's a good place to add color - but don't block out the natural light!

8.  If you are selling your house - try to put trash cans out of sight (particularly in the kitchen). If you can find a place in a cabinet, closet, etc.  Gives more floorspace in the kitchen and doesn't detract from the work space.

Simple Changes - Big Impact
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