Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taxes, Utilities and Contractors - OH MY!!!!!

Tax, Utilities and Contractors - OH MY!!!!!

Do you know what the local tax rates are for sales, property and income?

Moving and need to transfer utilities?

Needing to make some repairs or improvements to your home?


Check out a couple pages on our blog for all the answers.  There is page called State Tax Tutorial that will go through the state sales tax rate, property taxes and income taxes.

The Utility/Recommended Contractor page lists all the local utility companies for our service area along with contractors that are recommended by our local agents.  Use these pages as a resource for making wiser choices.  No charge - and you can even get a 10% off Lowes discount coupon delivered right to your inbox!

Need assistance?  Questions?  Call or email and we will do our best to help.  Our contact info is listed on the Utility/Contractor page along with the home page of this website at www.IndianaResourceCenter.com.

Taxes, Utilities and Contractors - OH MY!!!!!

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