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How important is DeCluttering - view from a buyer

How important is DeCluttering - a view from a buyer

Here it is -straight from a buyer :

"When we viewed properties, we opened every cupboard, drawer and space and would either admire or be dismayed at the amount of storage."

Most buyers make their decision based on an emotional connection with the home.  Space is usually tip top on someones list, so decluttering is NOT optional for a homeowner who wants to sell quickly and for top dollar.

Top Reasons to DeClutter:

1 - Clutter creates the perception of limited space. If a buyer doesn't think the home will hold their "stuff" they will be less likely to write an offer.

2 - Clutter creates a perception of disorder.  subconsciously they will believe the home has not been well maintained.  They might write an offer, but it could be a lot lower thinking they will have to invest more in general maintenance.

3 - Clutter reduces a buyers ability to picture themselves in the home.  Remember what was said earlier about buyers making a decision based on an emotional connection with the home?  They will not be able to make an emotional connection with the home when all they see is your "stuff", family pictures, refrigerator covered with school projects, etc.  The buyer needs to fall in love with your home, not your stuff.


Walk through your home and take pictures of every room.  Rooms always look more crowded in pictures - and since every buyer is on the internet looking at pictures - you want your home to appear spacious and inviting online.

Your plan is to pack and move everything anyway - right?  So think positive and get started packing now!  Go through the entire home sorting based on keep, trash, give away.  Rent a POD to store the items you will be taking with you - less you have to do later!  Personal pictures, collections, trinkets, excess furniture, counter clutter.  Get down to basics.  What do you really need to have for the next month or two?

Cabinets and closets need to look like they have plenty of extra room.

Don't think that clearing out cabinets and closets and then filling up your garage or attic with boxes will fool anyone.  That will just send the message "this home has not storage space".

You don't need to move out.  Vacant homes can make you look desperate and might invite a low ball offer.  Empty houses can also show off every mark and scratch.

Don't forget to recycle!  Goodwill will thank you.

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