Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Lawn Care - Tis the Season!

Fall Lawn Care - Tis the Season!

 Just when you are looking forward to putting away the mower and before you get all the blisters from are some considerations...

 1. Aeration
This process will give your yard room to breathe and lets new grass spread.  The tools pull up tubes/plugs of grass and soil.  I remember the first time I saw a yard after this was completed I thought someone had a lot of dogs to clean up after!  If your yard is used a lot - they recommend doing it twice a year (fall and spring).  If you just have a showcase yard - once a year is sufficient.

You can make this a do-it-yourself project if you want.  There is a hand tool that can be back breaking if you have a large yard (this is really designed to do small areas) but is definitely the cheapest option (probably around $20). I've seen special cleat like attachments you can put on your boots and walk around your yard.  I would fear hitting a really hard piece of ground and wrenching your ankle.  My DIY idea would be renting a gas powered machine and getting it done quickly and safely.  You can always pay a lawn service  - cost will vary by size of yard of course.

2.  Seeding
Even though you might think its time for your yard to go to sleep - this is the optimum time for seeding because of the temps and growth spurts of grass.  Best advice - buy GOOD seed...don't cheap out.  Kentucky Bluegrass is good for our climate.  Once you spread the seed - you will need to water it every day until it germinates (typically 10-20 days)

3.  Fertilizing
Doing this before the first frost will help your grass survive a harsh winter.  Remember this past winter?  BRUTAL!!!  You will want a product that is high in phosphorous (10-15%) because it's critical for root growth.  If your area does not allow phosphorous rich fertilizers, opt for nitrogen.

4.  Mulching
Tired of all the raking and blisters?  Instead, run your mower over the leaves a few times and grind them into a mulch.  The shredded mixture will protect the grass.  It also decomposes into an organic matter that will feed your grass!
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