Monday, September 8, 2014

Bookmark Your Home To Sell!

Bookmark Your Home To Sell!
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Staging is in almost any Real Estate discussion these days.  De-cluttering is probably the first step in any good staging process.  The question is - what to do with all these books.....hmmmm

Here are some good ideas, tips and recommendations for using the books you have:

1.  Do you have built in bookshelves or even free standing shelves that go from floor to ceiling?
Stagers recommend using books on the high and low shelves and using the eye level shelves for some eye catching trinkets and decor.  For the shelves with books - don't just have them lined upright - that is a snooze fest.  Try having intermittent stacks of books between uprights.  Organize books by color - trying to use book colors that coordinate with your decor.  You can even use homemade book covers to achieve this goal.  Remember to use different hues of the same color.

2.  For bedside tables, desks or coffee tables - Odd numbers seem to be ideal for staging. (1, 3, 5) Again - try using the color coordinating idea.  One idea I actually used in my house is taking 5 "vintage" books, putting them in a stack, tying a ribbon around them and placing them on our fireplace mantel.  It gets a lot of comments!

3.  Bathrooms, beds, window seats, patios - how about setting a "stage" by having a bedside tray with an open book, vase of flowers, reading glasses, drink glass?

4.  Kitchens - open cookbooks to favorite recipes and perhaps having some of the ingredients sitting out?

5.  Kids rooms could have school books open as if doing homework at a desk or even on the bed

Stage your home to sell with those dust collecting books!!!

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