Monday, August 4, 2014

Don't fence me in - unless it looks like this!

Don't fence me in - unless it looks like this!

You may be bound by neighborhood covenants and restrictions in regards to fencing.

If you have some creative freedom - you might consider some unconventional materials to give your yard or just a small area some additional character.

The traditional elements for fencing would include:
  Wood - easy to work with, strong, beautiful but requires more maintenance than other typical materials
  Vinyl - variety of colors and styles, no maintenance, installation can be tricky and cost more upfront
  Aluminum - suited for upscale homes. Light weight, less costly than wrought iron and will not rust
  Composites - newer option, has the benefits of wood without the maintenance but double the cost

If you have the ability to be creative, you might consider some of these ideas......

Weaving colored plastic slats in a chain link fence

Planting an evergreen vine that covers the fencing within about a year

Old surf boards or skis
Old doors
Glass block

Woven vines
Or create a vignette

Create a statement with your fencing!!!!

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  1. Those are definitely some creative ways to decorate a chain link fence. I feel lame now because all I did was just put one up. Maybe I can use these tips and decorate it. I'm sure my kids would love it and enjoy bringing their friends over to their cool backyard!