Monday, November 11, 2013

A New Twist on "Window Treatments"

What do windows provide - light for the inside and a view of the outside, right?
  But - we also want privacy when needed and it has to look good.

So - here is something else to consider for a variety of purposes - Window Films!

For this blog - I am highlighting one provider in order to plant an idea.
Emma Jeffs' window films are made in the U.S. from environmentally friendly and run around $78 per treatment.
You can find all their products HERE

When selling a home - having rooms with light is important to show off their size and make it feel inviting.
These window films can provide privacy while still allowing light.  AND they are easy to remove.

When buying a home - they can provide the needed privacy (versus hanging sheets) until you can get your permanent window treatments.

There are styles that are opaque, some that have a peek-a-boo feel, even kids themes!

I have a bathroom window that I am constantly rolling a blind up and down - no more!!  I've just placed an order so I will still have the light - but not the possible embarrassment!!!

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