Monday, October 7, 2013

Easy Kitchen Upgrades

Some fairly simple ideas from This Old House that can pack a big bang for the buck.

1.  Try an open plate rack for cottage charm.
If you have colorful or beautiful dishes - why hide them behind a cabinet door?  An easy way to add a pop of color to the kitchen that is also functional!

2.  Turn a piece of furniture into a kitchen island.  A desk, sideboard, bureau can be transformed.  Paint it to match or contrast with your cabinetry.  Top it with butcher block ...and voila !!!!  Obviously, be conscience of size - needs free clear space all around.  If you have a large central area, you could even overhang the butcher block to create a breakfast bar with a stool.

3.  Coat a wall with chalkboard paint.  Perhaps one of those cabinet side walls?  Turn it into a family message board, a running grocery list, menus etc.

4.  Swap out plan cabinet knobs for something with some pizzazz and personality.  Be sure it harmonized with your kitchen style and decor.

5.  Install a pull-down faucet.  No previous plumbing experience needed!  And it certainly improves the functionality of your sink.

6.  Install a pendant light over your kitchen sink.  This can transform a common workstation into a focal point.

A last note - I live in an older home and it has old formica counters that are white with flecks of pink and blue.  Our price point doesn't really justify granite counters - so we are trying a do-it-yourself granite paint finish.  I've heard rave reviews from several other Realtors, so my hubby, being the crafty one in the family is going to try it.  Stay tuned - if it is successful, I will post pictures and recommendations!!!!

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