Monday, June 17, 2013

Ways To Love Summer and Save Money while you're at it!

Here are some ideas you might try this summer.......

Visit a National Park - August 25th is the National Park Service birthday and there will be no entry fee!

Take a cut-rate class - many colleges offer lower tuition for summer classes

Save money - household decor and dishware are usually on sale in June.  Furniture goes on sale in July, August will bring the back to school sales

Health Clubs - many lower their rates during the summer

Electric companies - many have a power cycling program in exchange for brief outages during peak usage hours. You get a credit on your monthly bill.  I know IPL here in the Metro Indy area does it.  We get $5 a month credit for participating

Build your log pile - stock up on firewood now while it's cheap

Flower garden - strategic planting can set a mood.  Yellow, orange and re-orange gives a lively feel.  Blue, violet and purple gives a soothing feel.

Skin cancer - tote your shade by carrying an parasol/umbrella - they can block 75% ov UV light

Killing ticks - throw your clothes in the dryer for 15 minutes.  The heat will kill them - washing them won't

Paid to travel - posts job openings in exotic spots like Ghana

Chopped - cooking schools might be offering a multi-day culinary bootcamp

Preschooler? - have them "paint" on a sidewalk or driveway with water on a sunny day and watch it disappear

School child? - may all the playgrounds or parks in a 10 mile radius, make a booklet, visit each one and write a review by interviewing your child.

Pre-teen? - try geocaching (need a smart phone with gps) via or

Bugs - mosquitoes are attracted to your breath. Deflect them on your patio with a breeze using a fan

Most important - get out there and do SOMETHING!!!!  Just check the postings and  links here at under Entertainment for things to do in your area!

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