Monday, March 4, 2013

Some small changes that might help with back pain, blood pressure and allergies....

I came across these recommendations in the latest AARP magazine ( I KNOW I'm dating myself now...) and thought they were worth sharing.

Adjust your rearview mirror - tilt it up a little and it forces you to sit up straigher in order to see behind you. This can lead to less back and neck pain.  Also - if you are driving for hours, stop every couple hours to stand and stretch.  Remember your mom telling you to sit up straight?  Well, now it's all making sense.

Do you cross your legs when you sit down? Did you know that crossed legs are bad for your blood pressure?  Particularly if you are diabetic or already have high blood pressure issues. Crossing at the ankles is ok and seems to have no effect  - it's the knee crossing you have to watch.  It is such a habit for me, I have to undo my legs constantly throughout the day.

Where is your computer screen? You should always be an arms length away from your screen to avoid neck and should pain, dry eyes and blurred vision. You should be able to give your screen a high five with a fully extended arm. Studies have shown that staring at a computer screen you tend to blink less, thus drying out your eyes - leading to blurry vision.  Scoot back!  Take breaks and blink blink blink.

How old is your pillow? Experts recommend you replace your pillow every 18 months. They collect fungi, dead skin, mites and drool which can aggravate allergies, asthma, sinusitis and respiratory disease. Of course, now you have to try to remember how old your pillow is.  I can't hardly remember how old I am. Try this trick - fold your pillow in 1/2 and squeeze out the air. If the pillow doesn't spring back, it's time for a new one.

Laughing is the best medicine.  When you laugh, it dialates your blood vessels and increases blood flow.  Blodd flow can increase by 22% during a funny movie. DVR those funny shows and movies and use them on a regular basis like vitamins!

Which bathroom stall do you use? Most of us have privacy issues when it comes to public bathrooms so we tend to use the stall at the very end.  That means the first stall is the least used - thus most likely carries the least germs. Keep your bags and items off the floor no matter which stall you use. Wash your hands - but try the first stall from now on - might reduce some illnesses!
Just some common sense items worth pointing out again.
Thanks to AARP for the reminders....

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