Monday, September 17, 2012

Get Engaged.......with your neighbors

When a neighborhood is filled with engaged homeowners - there is less crime, more appeal to buyers and happier people in general.  Fall is a great time to try this out and get involved in your own neighborhood.  Here's a few suggestions:

1.  Start a community message board on, or Hey, Neighbor!  It can have info about garage sales, services, meetings, etc

2.  Organize a neighborhood garage sale or swap meet (if allowed, of course - check those HOA rules!)

3.  Plant a community garden if possible or look into going together for agricultural deliveries (like

4.  Set up a tool-sharing program or tool library.  Why pay to buy or rent one if a neighbor has one they rarely use?

5.  Organize a book club, garden club, wine tasting, card club, walking or some other common interest group. What is easier than just walking down the street for a meeting?

6.  Be sure to get outside and mow your lawn, rake your leaves, toss a ball - be seen and be open to conversation!

I am amazed at people who do not know the names of the people next door!  You could be missing out on finding your BFF!!!


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