Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Did you know? Strange laws in Indiana.....

 These laws are still on the books in Indiana...so beware!!!

It's illegal to sell your child (is there a section for that on ebay?)

An ice-fishing hole may not be more than 12" in diameter - nice to think about on this hot and muggy day

A mattress cannot be filled with trash (but bed bugs are ok?)

Human cloning is against public policy

Hotel guests must be supplied undersheets big enought to cover entire bed (I'll sleep better now)

In Indianapolis, it is illegal to throw a rock at a bird except in self-defense (those Canadian Geese can be wicked!)

You cannot abandon a vertebrate animal

You cannot fish with your bare hands (wear gloves)


Every hotel guest must be given a freshly laundered pillowcase (to go with sheets that fit)

Dyeing baby chicks is a criminal offense (and not easy, either!)

You cannot spike a tree


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