Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Outdoor Cooking Comparison - get your grill on!!!

For all those grill masters out there, here are some basics to compare when comparing how to cook your next meal outside:


Charcoal Grill:  Believed by many to offer the best BBQ flavor, can be inconsistent on the heat level, it is not speedy to get ready - so have some appetizers ready, takes constant attention but is reasonably priced. ($50-$200+) Will have to purchase charcoal and lighter fluid.


Gas Grill:  Doesn't get as hot as charcoal, so it doesn't get that charbroiled flavor, constant temp, heats up fast and is ready to go at the last minute, as easy as flipping a switch, can be costly depending on features desired. ($300 - $5K) Requires a propane tank and refills as needed.

Smoker:  Excellent flavor and delivers tender meat, consistent temp control, these are intended to cook slowly - that's why you use them - so it's not for the impatient! Takes a little setup time but can feed an army. Reasonably priced. ($300 - 1k)

Pizza Oven:  For those wanting the old fashioned rustic flavors and have a big budget. Great savory wood fired oven flavor, preheating can take time and you need to keep an eye on your food. Pricey $3K-$6K


Start small and build your style and expertise before launching into a full blown outdoor kitchen!  Many people see grilling out as a summer activity while others enjoy using them year round. Find some favorite meat rubs and keep them on hand. And don't limit your grills to meat - vegetables are awesome on the grill!

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