Monday, July 23, 2012

Throw a Great Garage Sale!!!

First off - we have FREE Garage sale signs in our Fishers office - just stop by during office hours Monday - Friday and pick them up.

Out with the Old.........

1.  Price things to sell:  accept the fact you'll never get what you paid for it and make it "a deal".  Do you want to have to transport it to Goodwill or back in the house at the end of the day?  Think about marking things 1/2 price at 2pm.  When we had a garage sale to clean out my inlaws house, at 4pm we took in the few things we weren't willing to give away and marked everything "free".  We had people filling up their trunks and back seats.  We ended up with NOTHING!!!!  No mess, no packing things up to Goodwill, no trucking things back in the house.  It was fantastic.

2.  Simplify your prices - use color coding and have preset prices on a chart.  That way you don't have to spend hours writing prices on individual items.

3.  Entice the customers - use hot ticket items like tooks, books, furniture easily visible, but at the top of the drive so they have to walk by everything else.

4.  Get the Word Out - get our free signs and post them everywhere ahead of time.  Post on Craigslist (it's free) include the date and time.  Use balloons on the day of the sale.

5.  Be organized - separate toys from clothes from housewares from electronics.  Buyers will spend more time looking and will be more likely to buy if the items are well organized.

It's a cleansing feeling - and once you start pocketing that becomes addictive!

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