Monday, May 14, 2012

Top 100 Reasons Indiana is Great

I am highlighting a few items from the list entitled:

Top 100 Reasons to do Business in Indiana


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1.  From 2002 to 2009, nearly 9,000 new jobs were added to the Life Science job sector

2.  In Warsaw alone, 3 manufacturers - Biomet, Depuy and Zimmer represent more than 33% of the Orthopedic global market

3.  Indiana is eliminating its inheritance tax - to die for!

4.  Indiana leads the nation in commercial duck production - doesn't that quack you up?

5.  Indiana's government is one of the few states operating in the black

6.  The Subaru and Honda manufacturing facilities in Indiana have a "zero landfill" policy - they put out less trash than a typical household

7.  Indiana ranks 2nd in processed tomato production (thank you Red Gold!) , 3rd in chicken production, 4th in eggs, 5th in corn & soybean, 6th in turkey

8.  Indiana is the RV Capital of the World - wander Indiana!

9.  Indiana has 11,000 total highway miles intersected by 8 interstate highways - more than any other state (They don't call us the Crossroads of America for nothing!)


10.  Indiana is in the top 10 states for average broadband connection speed

11.  Indiana has an unprecedented number of NASA astronauts - 23 in all - our own Martian colony

12.  The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is one of only 17 full time orchestras in the U.S.

13.  Indiana has a AAA credit ranking from the 3 major credit rating agencies

14.  In 2011, 219 companies opened or expanded their operations in Indiana

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