Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pacers Pride - Indiana Professional Basketball shining bright

For the first time in years, the Pacers are in the playoffs - and it's a team you can be proud of!!!

Luckily, Meta Peace is someone elses problem now.....


I  went to my first game in years this week.  They played the Detroit Pistons.  We had great (and affordable!!) seats on the club level.  They have waiters and waitresses that will take your order and bring your drinks and food - how great is that???

The game has a lot of action, the fans were engaged, fun activities during every time out and break. T-shirt cannons, Rowdy, Pacemates - a trifecta of entertainment.  It was nice to see so many families with young kids - just like the good old days.

Kudos to Larry Bird and Frank Vogel for putting together a true "team". No super star needed. Believe me - I was one of the biggest Reggie Miller fan, but this roster has strength throughout.  This night they had a lot of B team players on the court and they played a strong game and won!

I heard that Warren Central has been unable to schedule their graduation because of the Pacers being in the playoffs - since they hold graduation at the Fieldhouse.  We've been hoping for this inconvenience for years!!!!

I'm not a sports fan - but I am a Hoosier fan, so let's get out there and support our team!



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