Monday, April 9, 2012

Allergy Season!!! Kleenex saving ideas

Whether you suffer from allergies - or perhaps you are selling your home and don't want your home to scare off potential buyers - here are some ways to fight back.


1.  Replace your HVAC filters with a small-particle or HEPA filter.  Be sure to change these quarterly, keep the humidity low in the home and the temperature around 70 degrees - this will help fight mold and dust mites.

2.  If you have a green thumb and love having indoor plants - spread aquarium gravel over the dirt - this will help contain mold.

3.  Try not to throw food waste in indoor trash cans - unless it has a lid or you empty it daily.

4.  Clean bathrooms and kitchen with bleach cleaners.  Check shower curtains, bath mats and rugs and replace if needed or wash them. Change out towels, dishrags, sponges regularly.

5.  This might not be financially feasible - but the less carpet you have, the less places you will have for allergens to settle and hide.  Tile, laminate, vinyl, hardwoods are allergy free options.

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