Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hendricks County Cultural Trail

Hendricks County is west of Indianapolis and has a well-kept secret that needs to go public!


For those of you looking for a Hike - this is not for you - this trail is for vehicular traffic - unless you want to hike for 72 miles!

This adventure will take you on a rustic tour through most of the towns in Hendricks County.  There are stops in Danville, Plainfield, Brownsburg, Pittsboro, Coatesville and North Salem.

Some of the highlights include 15 art galleries, cafes, craft shops, a winery, museum, one room schoolhouse and bakery.


This trail actually started in 2010 with 10 shops - so it's grown and has received a grant for marketing purposes.  You can get more info, directions and map at www.ruralroutestomainstreet.com.

Have a Saturday with nothing to do?  Wander Indiana and find some hidden jewels!


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