Friday, November 4, 2011

Staging - The Home Sellers Buzz Word

Don't confuse "staging" with "decorating".  Decor is an expression of a style.  Staging is a strategy to attract buyers in order to sell your home.

Here's just some of our favorite thoughts beyond the common sense ones we all hear about - like curb appeal and de-cluttering and sparkling clean.

1.  Floating furniture - There is common belief that if you push all your furniture against the walls around the room it will appear larger.  Instead, try floating the furniture away from the walls, allowing walking space all around the furniture and creating conversational groupings with your sofa and chairs.

2.  Musical furniture - Give yourself permission to move furniture, artwork and accessories on a whim. Repurposing a chair or a small table or picture might create a different feel in a room

3.  By painting adjacent rooms the same color - both rooms will appear larger.  Using the same color in your window treatments will further enhance this feeling.

4.  Hanging everything at the standard eye line around a room can make them disappear.  Try displaying your artwork creatively and it will stand out and show off the space.

5.  Three's Company - Mixing accessories make a room inviting.  Odd numbers (3) are preferable. Put them in triangles mixing scale while maintaining unity in either texture or color.

More Buzzing Ideas next week!

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