Monday, September 26, 2011

Color Me Sold!

They say that the color of a room can affect your mood.

Here's the color spectrum analysis from the experts:

Purple:  Stimulates brain activity.  For the den perhaps?

Blue: Slows pulse rate, lower body temp. Sounds like a definite possibility for bedrooms, but beware of the shade of blue - and lean toward the darker hues.

Green: Soothing effect. Symbolizes renewal, youth, vigor. Sounds good for my bathroom!

Yellow:  Happiness, optimism. Supposedly your brain will release more serotonin when the eye takes in yellow.  I have a yellow VW Bug - and it seems to bring out violence, because I see lots of kids slugging their friends when I drive by.

Orange:  Energy and warmth. Once again - beware the shade...and go toward the muddy orange. Dining room or rec room perhaps?

Red:  Energy, excitement. Red is often associated with love - so it could be a good choice for adult bedrooms and dining rooms.

White:  Peace, simplicity, spaciousness.  Beware too much white - might make a room cold - but can be a great contrast to an accent wall.

Black: A great accent color in or out - but too much can be depressing

Location, location , location's all about where you put what color.........



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