Monday, May 23, 2011

Yard and Garage Sales - Tis The Season - And We Do it BIG!

Did you know that garage sales were once classified as the biggest white collar crime in America?  Did you claim the income on your taxes last year?   I'm not judging...I'm just saying

Besides the everyday neighborhood and community sales, there is one in Indiana that is a bargain hunters dream:

June 1- 5, 2011              HISTORIC U.S. 40 YARD SALE

Historic National Road (US $) runs from St. Louis to Baltimore and cuts right through Indiana. 

824 miles of stuff looking for a new home.  Antiques, furnitures, produce and just about anything you can imagine.

It runs from Dawn til Dusk every day and there is even a National Road Yard Sale Cookbook you can buy.

This event was started in 2003 by Patricia McDaniel, the owner of The Old Storefront Antiques on Route 40 in Dublin, IN.

The National Road (also known as U.S. 40 through Indiana) is more than 200 years old - so you have an opportunity to travel through a lot of historic communities while filling your trunk.


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