Monday, February 28, 2011


With all the personalized discounts and coupons available - why pay full price for anything?


Here are just a few of the ways to save: - Register on this website with our invite code of pi833219.  You will have local coupons and savings available.  In addtion - you can do most of your online shopping through this site.  Many national vendors (such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc) are on this site.  Every time you buy online through this site, you will earn cash back in your account.  As soon as you register, your account will have $5.00 deposited.  The greatest feature of this site is that every time you spend money, a portion is also donated to Habitat for Humanity.  When your account has a $25.00 - an AMEX gift card will be sent to you automatically. - For the Indianapolis area, register with your name and email.  Every week they offer a discount at a local lunch facility.  You can purchase this discount and print the coupon.  You get to pick and choose the ones you will actually use, rather than purchase a whole book of coupons you most likely will never use. - Another localized coupon based on your location.  This will send regular alerts of available discounts you can buy and print.  These are from a variety of vendors - not just food. - Localized coupons based on location.  Variety of vendors.  You will receive regular email alerts as to what is available for purchase and print.


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