Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Superbowl 2012 - Talk of the Town

The Indianapolis Superbowl Committee returned from Dallas with a  motto of "expect the unexpected".  Weather was certainly an unexpected element this year, but shouldn't be much of a surprise to Indianapolis nor should it present any insurmountable issues.

Here is some of the chat heard at the Dallas Superbowl:

Mike Golic, ESPN and Notre Dame grad stopped by to talk to some of the Hoosiers in town. He is and will be a great ambassador for Indianapolis and Indiana.

John Clayton, ESPN tells a tale about coming to Indy for the NFL a couple years ago with the beginnings of a bad cold. When the hotel receptionist noticed he had a cough, she surprised him less than 10 minutes later by sending chicken soup to his room - no charge, for that bit of Hoosier hospitality.

Peter King, Sports Illustrated said there are few places he'd rather go to cover a Super Bowl...except for San Diego.  Considering the weather this year - it's no wonder.

Rick Gosselin, NFL writer waxes poetic about the virtues of Indianapolis' compact downtown, indoor walkways and unmatched services.

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner stopped by to tell the committee how special he thinks next year's Super Bowl is going to be.

Now if we can just make sure the players and the owners show up!



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