Friday, September 3, 2010

Keeping Track of Your Stuff

Have you ever tried to determine how much insurance you should have on your personal belongings?
Or worse - have you ever had to file a claim for something lost or stolen?

There is now a website with free software to download that will take you room by room to track and keep record of everything you own.  You can even input pictures and receipts.  You will never have to wonder - "where did I put that receipt" or "what brand was that tv?".  Even if your computer implodes or is stolen - this web based program will still have all your info!

It is very user friendly and will help you track everything that fills your home from jewelry to artwork.  You'll be able to see what it would cost to replace it and determine how much insurance coverage you should have. The pictures and receipts will help in case of filing any claims with insurance companies.

A great "green" tool for record keeping!!!

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