Monday, July 12, 2010

International Film Festival - 10 days of films and workshops

Get your fix of unique, quality, international films at this years International Film Festival.

July 15-25th
IMA (Indiana Museum of Art)
4000 Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN  46208

40+ movies to check out and multiple workshops to attend
get prices and detail scheduling at:

Here is a sampling of the movies:

Ballhawks -
Bill Murray narrated charmer about the gloved guys who hang out outside Wrigely Field waiting to catch home run balls.

Twisted Toots -
Heart wrenching Finnish film looks at the forces that pull a family together and threaten to tear it apart

A Little Help -
Jenna Fischer of "The Office" turns to quirky drama in this story about a beer-swilling mom with marital and parental problems

One Hundred Mornings -
Tense drama from Ireland focuses on 2 couples in a cabin trying to wait out an unspecified societal collapse

Taqwacores -
Filled with vibrant and unique characters from America's most alientated subculture - Muslim punks

Only When I Dance -
Documentary about 2 underdog Brazilian ballet dancers

LaPorte, Indiana -
The discovery of over 18,000 portraits in the back room of a cafe

Paulista -
Love stinks, no matter who or what you're into

The Wayman Tisdale Story -
Basketball player / jazz musician

When I Rise -
Story of opera singer Barbara Smith Conrad

Don't let anyone say we don't have international culture in Indiana!!!!

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