Friday, July 2, 2010

Going Green - Making your home Kermit Friendly

Certified Green Homes are selling up to 31 days faster than traditionally built homes in some areas.  You obviously can't rebuild your home - but there might be some changes you can make to your home that will not only save you some money, but might make your home more appealing to a certain home buying market segment.

1.  To reduce cooling costs - installing awnings on some windows, whole house fan, solar powered attic venting
2.  Installing programmable thermostat and putting a timer on your water heater
3.  Mind the gap - check windows, doors and exterior walls for cracks and fill with caulk, weather stripping, storm windows and storm doors
4.  If you do any painting - use VOC paint to create better indoor air quality
5.  Add dimmer switches and swap out regular light bulbs for CFLs
6.  Insulate attics, water heaters, garage doors, walls, water pipes
7.  If your neighborhood allows - put up a clothesline and use it
8.  If your neighborhood allows - a 50 gallon rain barrel can save on water usage for lawn and garden watering
9.  Plant a tree for future shade
10.  Lower the flow - install lower flow shower heads
11.  Install ceiling fans
12.  Replace older ineffcient appliances

Make the world a better place for the next generation!

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