Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun With Zip Codes - if that is possible!

We have discovered yet another great internet tool for information.

Go to

On the left side of the website you will see "free zip code finder"
If you enter a zip code in the box and hit search you can find out more information about the zip code area than you probably wanted to know.
Things like......latitude, population makeup, # households, # businesses, median age and much much more


If you want to search an area that covers a multitude of zip codes, but you're not sure what they are:
On the left side of the website you will see "Free Radus Application" - click on that
You will taken to another page where in the first paragraph the words "radius search" will be highlighted.
Click on that and you can then enter a zip code that you do know and specify how big of an area you want to search.
It will then give you all the zip codes for that coverage area.

A great tool for everyone - right at your fingertips!

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