Thursday, February 4, 2010

Volunteer Opportunities in Central Indiana - Lend a Hand

Whether you have the desire to pay it forward or pay it back.....we have some resources for you.

"The best exercise for the heart is reaching out to give someone else a hand"

Most hospitals look for volunteers for a variety of hospitality positions
Humane Societys need volunteers to help with pet care
Local schools can always use volunteers for various activities
Local churches can be a great source for ideas - you just plug your location and interests and you will get a list of possibilities

Indianapolis Metropolitan Area
Clowes Hall uses volunteer ushers - you have to attend a training and commit to a certain number of performances - but you get to see class acts and Broadway shows. - linked to 150 nonprofits in the Indy area - faith based volunteering

Lafayette - Greater Lafayette Volunteer Bureau (United Way)


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